It's National Chardonnay Day Review - McBride Sisters Truvee Chardonnay!

May 21, 2015 is National Chardonnay Day!!!!!

I have had the opportunity to taste a lot of Chardonnay in my years of tasting wines. I am always looking for a new one to try. I have been following the McBride Sisters for some time and was very interested in tasting their Chardonnay.

Well, tonight I surprisingly happened upon a bottle in a local retail establishment. I purchased the bottle anxious to chill it and sample what was inside this beautifully decorated bottle. Let me say I was immediately drawn in by the label. 

I am a wine lover and not usually enticed by labels but this one was nice, however, the label is never more important than what is in the bottle.

I chilled the wine ready to pair it with some crab legs I had just steamed. I anxiously pulled the cork out of the bottle and poured my glass.

I was struck by the color a beautiful golden straw hue. My first taste was impressive :-)

On the palate, the wine gave me peach, green apple, nuttiness (almond to be exact), and moderate oak. I really loved it.  It is a deck/patio sipping kind of wine. I wondered would it hold up against the steamed crab legs I was preparing and the wine absolutely was a perfect accompaniment. 

I give the 2013 Chardonnay 2 thumbs up.