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Masthead Sangiovese

I AM SO EXCITED to be able to write this post.  As you know I love sharing wines that are in my opinion worth sharing.  On this occasion, I get to blog about a wine that was created by other amazing bloggers.  I have admired many of these bloggers for quite some time so having them create a wine that I happen to love make this post extra special.

AS MANY OF YOU KNOW I attended the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference in August.  I had an opportunity to taste Masthead at the conference, however, it was just a taste and I loved it then.  More recently, I was able to really spend some time with this wine.  I am so impressed by this beautiful wine.

THE 2014 SCOTTO MASTHEAD SANGIOVESE is made from 100% Sangiovese sourced from Lodi’s famous Mohr-Fry Vineyards.   

APPEARANCE:  Vibrant pale ruby with garnet sprinkled throughout.  

NOSE:   A red berry salad on the nose, minty, medicinal hints, minerality, cinnamon and brown sugar, and sweet tobacco.

PALATE:  Dry, medium bodied with red and black berries, cherries, and a hint of plum. Silky and smooth with good acidity.  Notes from the barrel of vanilla and butter.

THIS COLLABORATION proved to be a successful undertaking for everyone involved. This wine can be sipped now but definitely has the potential for aging. 

THIS ONE IS A RED FRIENDLY wine that I would recommend it is great with lamb, roasted chicken, and mildly salted cheeses.


Definitely a thumbs up!

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