A Review - My Wine Passion Wine Chiller

Recently, I had the opportunity to review a wonderful new wine product.  The product is the My Wine Passion Wine Chiller.

When I received the package in the mail, my first thought what a great gift option for a wine lover.  It is packaged perfectly for a gift bag, or if you are like me a wonderful structure for a beautifully wrapped present.  I just love wrapping presents.  Okay I digress, but the packaging is really great.

wine chiller.png

Upon opening the box, I was surprised to only see two pieces.  I originally thought there would be several pieces seeing it was supposed to aerate, provide dripless pours, and chill the wine.  This product was supposed to do a lot.


So, now for the review…………… J

Putting the two pieces together was soooooo easy.  A quick screw of the two pieces provided and you have a product that aerates, provides dripless pours, and chills wine.  What more could you ask for :-)

The instructions tell you to freeze the stainless steel rod for an hour – which I did.  After an hour I was ready to chill my wine.

I had a bottle of 2012 Saldo, 90 pts from Wine Advocate.  I chose a bottle from my cellar that I truly love to try out this chiller.

The wine aeration was stellar, and the design of the product provided dripless pours.  The one thing I was looking for was the chill factor.  Well this product did not disappoint, my lovely wine stayed chilled!  I also tried this product to keep a lovely bottle of Rose, again the product did not disappoint.  It kept my chilled bottle of Provence Rose at a beautiful temperature.

I am always excited to find a new great wine product to share.  This product is great for an entertainer who wants more space on his/her table or wants the chill to last on a lovely bottle of wine you open after a long week J

This product gets a thumbs up from Corks and Cuvee and My Wine Life Blog.