Kendall-Jackson... Where the Journey Began

Okay I admit it, I have not always known about wine!

My first experience with wine was on a business trip in my twenties and my boss ordered a Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay. 

When the server asked me what I was having (not knowing anything about wine), I said “I will also have a Kendall Jackson Chardonnay". Now, mind you I had no idea what I was ordering or what would come in the glass I had just ordered.  The name Kendall-Jackson made such an impression on me that I ordered Kendall-Jackson every single time for the next 8 years. What changed after 8 years??? Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on how I realized there were other wines in the world.

So, I guess I can thank Kendall-Jackson for starting me on my wine journey. Just so you know, I did just that... yes I tweeted Kendall-Jackson that they were my first Chardonnay, actually my first real wine.  Kendall-Jackson actually tweeted me back. Wow, the winery of the first wine I ever tasted tweeted me back J.

So today I pay homage to Kendall-Jackson for starting on my wine quest. Glasses up a toast to Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay.