Happy Valentine's Day and Cheers!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine's Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

Wine is a special part of this day.  So, what do you pair with all of the chocolates in those heart shaped boxes?

Dark Chocolates pair extremely well with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache, Malbec, Banyuls, Brachetto or a nice Sherry.

Valentine's Day sweets  

Valentine's Day sweets  

Milk Chocolate pairs well with Pinot Noir, Merlot, Sherry, Sauternes, and Madeira.

White Chocolate pairs well with Gewurztraminer, Sherry, and Moscato d' Asti.


One special touch to add to your special day - take 2 champagne flutes place strawberries in the bottom and fill the flute with your favorite Champagne or Sparkling Wine and you will have a beautifully, decorated wine treat.

Another tip take white grapes freeze them and use them to chill your white wine.

Happy Valentine's Day and Cheers!

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Masthead......Wine by Wine Bloggers for Wine Lovers!

Masthead Sangiovese

I AM SO EXCITED to be able to write this post.  As you know I love sharing wines that are in my opinion worth sharing.  On this occasion, I get to blog about a wine that was created by other amazing bloggers.  I have admired many of these bloggers for quite some time so having them create a wine that I happen to love make this post extra special.

AS MANY OF YOU KNOW I attended the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference in August.  I had an opportunity to taste Masthead at the conference, however, it was just a taste and I loved it then.  More recently, I was able to really spend some time with this wine.  I am so impressed by this beautiful wine.

THE 2014 SCOTTO MASTHEAD SANGIOVESE is made from 100% Sangiovese sourced from Lodi’s famous Mohr-Fry Vineyards.   

APPEARANCE:  Vibrant pale ruby with garnet sprinkled throughout.  

NOSE:   A red berry salad on the nose, minty, medicinal hints, minerality, cinnamon and brown sugar, and sweet tobacco.

PALATE:  Dry, medium bodied with red and black berries, cherries, and a hint of plum. Silky and smooth with good acidity.  Notes from the barrel of vanilla and butter.

THIS COLLABORATION proved to be a successful undertaking for everyone involved. This wine can be sipped now but definitely has the potential for aging. 

THIS ONE IS A RED FRIENDLY wine that I would recommend it is great with lamb, roasted chicken, and mildly salted cheeses.


Definitely a thumbs up!

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2014 Bianca's White............A Lovely White Wine!

2014 Bianca's White

I LOVE TO SHARE with you  great wines I experience.  I recently had the opportunity to taste a lovely white Bordeaux style wine out of Napa.  The wine is a beautiful expression of one of my favorite styles of wine.  Bianca's White is produced by 5th generation winemakers Natalie, Anthony, Paul, and Anne  Scotto - NAPA by N.A.P.A.

SCOTTO CELLARS is a 5th generation family owned and managed wine company.  I had the pleasure of visiting their tasting room and let me tell you I had a great time.  I can definitely tell you it is a family environment.  This is a family of hardworking responsible winemakers making great wines.

BIANCA’S WHITE is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.  On the nose it gives you a bouquet of citrus, white flowers, white stone fruits, and a touch of honey.  On the palate the wine is full bodied with an unexpected complexity.  I was pleasantly surprised at the first sip.  I immediately tasted mild citrus and green apple.  There is medium-high acidity with full mouthfeel. The wines complexity lends itself to a great finish.  I LOVED IT!!!!  You could certainly enjoy this wine now but it has the potential for aging.  This lovely pairs well with your favorite seafood dish, chicken, and sharper cheeses.

Thumbs Up!

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My Time with the Wingdreamer - Marie Nease

Artist and Photographer Marie Nease 

Artist and Photographer Marie Nease 

On one of my trips to the wineries in the North Georgia mountains, I had the pleasure of meeting an artist by the name of Marie Nease.  I was instantly struck by her photography and how she was able to bring the vineyard to life on canvas.

I was so struck by her work, I had to introduce myself and find out more about this talented artist.  Several weeks later I was able to interview her.

Marie Nease is an original Georgia peach.  Marie grew up in Decatur, GA and had a happy, simple childhood.  Marie is the proud mother of 4 grown boys.

1.       How did you get started with your art?

Marie was a recruiter most of her working career, however, in 2009 she was laid off and could not find another job.  Marie purchased a professional Nikon camera and began capturing images.  Marie is basically self-taught only taking continuing education classes at Gwinnett Tech.  Marie’s father and grandfather were both photographers.  Photography is in her blood.

2.       How did you select the name Wingdreamer?

Marie has a friend she met in 2000 at a house church.  The friend, Cliff Trammel son of a former classmate.  Marie is inspired by his outlook on life.  Cliff is a very special person in Marie’s life.  In 2004, on her birthday he read a story to her titled “Wingdreamer” which was about a butterfly and the struggles of metamorphoses.  The story had a great impact on Marie hence the name Wingdreamer.

3.       Why do you love vineyards?

Marie shared that vineyards are beautiful, magical, and are always in gorgeous places.  Marie compares vineyards to what Jesus says that he is the vine and we are the branches.

4.       What is your inspiration?

Marie feels her gift of photography is God given.  Marie says that God inspires her and gave her the dream.  Marie shared with me there is a metal container with birds where she keeps all of the things that inspire her.

5.       What kind of wine do you enjoy?

A wine that is not too sweet and not too dry.  Marie has three bottles of her favorite wine Rommbauer.

6.        What do you want to see more in the world?

More inspiration and encouragement through photography and writing and more hope.

7.       In one to two words describe yourself?

Creative Soul - I certainly agree with that  :-)

8.       What do you want readers to know most about your work?

Marie wants her work to encourage and inspire.

9.       Where can people purchase your work?


Toward the Sun by Marie Nease

Toward the Sun by Marie Nease

It was such a pleasure interviewing Marie.  Marie truly has a gift and is able to bring her photography to life on canvas.  Marie can even customize pieces for her clients. 

I was so moved by Marie’s beautiful work that I just had to share.  My goal always is to bring the best offerings for our wine inspired lives.  I certainly love this art and I am sure you will too.


Suwanee Wine Festival

As the end of 2015 approaches, I like to look back over the year and determine what were the true highlights and what were some of my "firsts". 

Last month I attended my first Suwanee Wine Festival.  The festival was held in beautiful Suwanee, Georgia at the Suwanee Town Center Park.  A portion of the Suwanee Wine Fest proceeds benefit Annandale Village, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing life assistance to adults with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

The festival may have been my first, but it will absolutely not be my last.  I had an awesome time covering this event.  It was a little overcast and rainy but even with the threat of inclement weather there was certainly a festival going on.

As I walked around and spoke with each vendor, I discovered a great deal of diversity in each and every one.  There was such a sense of community.

2015 Suwanee Wine Festival

2015 Suwanee Wine Festival

Okay, what about the details, what about the wines........................

I recommend to anyone try the VIP experience.  Why?

  • Great cuisine
  • Premium wines such as Pierre-Jouet Sparkling Wine, Orin Swift Veladora Sauvignon Blanc, McKenzie Muller Cabernet Franc, Pico & Vine Cabernet Sauvignon - just to name a few.
  • Special seating in the VIP tent

Trust me VIP is well worth it! :-)

If you just want to go to the festival under General Admission, it is absolutely okay.  The General Admission experience is still awesome.  There were so many great wines to sample and vendor booths to visit that in my opinion the entire festival was a VIP experience. 

Some of my highlights include visiting Medieval Times,  Sharp Mountain Vineyards, The Fresh Market, Sweet Acre Farms Winery and Explore Gwinnett.

The food was also a delight.  There were awesome food vendors such as Suwanee Pizza Tavern, Piece of Cake, Bistro to Go, and Bust'N Butts BBQ.


There were major sponsors such as The Fresh Market, Atlanta Classic Cars, Suwanee Magazine, Tannery Row Ale House, Veugeler Design Group, and Ippolito's. 

You guys know the main goal of the "My Wine Life" Blog is to bring you the best in wine lifestyle offerings.  The Suwanee Wine Festival was truly one of my favorite festivals all year.  I had a great time.  I would love to have you join me in 2016.  Whose with me?



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